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PHOTO RECAP: Petey at HI-FI – Sold Out!

Published on Nov 27th, 2023


Petey just wants to make stuff.

“If I can wake up every day for the rest of my life and make something new, that’s all I could ever ask for,” he explains “it’s the only goal I’ve got.”

His music is explosive and cathartic, with moments of aching honesty and probing self-examination giving way to biting wit and joyful exuberance amidst a sea of arpeggiated synthesizers, distorted guitars, and shouted vocals. Is it indie rock? Punk? Electro-pop? Emo? Sure, but if you’re getting hung up on what to call it, then you’ve already missed the point.

Petey sold out the HI-FI on Sunday, November 19th, supported by special guests North Americans.

Photography by Doug Fellegy

North Americans

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