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SUSTO Releases New Album Ahead of Indy Show

Published on Aug 18th, 2023

SUSTO released their new album My Entire Life ahead of their co-headling show at HI-FI Indy with Big Something

The 12-song set was produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman (Band of Horses) and SUSTO’s Justin Osborne and Johnny Delaware via New West Records.

“SUSTO’s narrative has always been confessional, and songwriting is my way of trying to make sense of the chaos—good and bad—around me,” says Justin. “This record is my story of navigating a bunch of chaos, but finding ways to carry on and manifest my own happiness…the last few years were a challenge, but I look back and see that I made it through, a better, truer, and more realized version of myself.”

Listen: My Entire Life by SUSTO

Be sure to catch them at HI-FI Indy on September 6th w/ Big Something! Tickets HERE

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