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Photo Recap: flipturn at HI-FI – SOLD OUT!

Published on Feb 21st, 2023

On Sunday, February 19, flipturn returned to Indianapolis, selling out their first time as headliners on the HI-FI stage!

flipturn makes indie music for endless summers, sun-streaked days, and introspective nights. It’s a cinematic sound rooted not only in the Florida towns where the musicians first banded together as teenagers, but also in the anthemic live show that’s taken flipturn from coast to coast.

Selling out nearly every show thus far in the Shadowglow Tour, the band is now finding their balance as they continue to build their already fast-growing fanbase.

“When we’re on stage together, we go crazy,” says bassist Madeline Jarman. “We’re friends who are experiencing this moment together. We feed off one another’s energy, and the audience sees that and feeds off it, too. We’re all building something together.”


Photos by Shabby Abby

Hotel Fiction

Opening the night was Hotel Fiction – just two gals out of Athens, GA who are making their dreams come true one day at a time.

Photos by Shabby Abby

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