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Photo Recap: Lucero Rocks HI-FI with Justin Wells

Published on Feb 1st, 2023

On Sunday, January 29th, 90s rock band Lucero stopped in Indianapolis on their Should’ve Learned by Now Tour to debut their new album, Should’ve Learned by Now.

Photos by Jeffrey Everett of NUVO


Since forming in Memphis in the late 90s, Lucero’s base musical hallmarks have remained similar to the band’s initial sound established with their first record The Attic Tapes. In the history of their expansive discography, Lucero has evolved and embraced everything from southern rock to Stax-inspired Memphis soul, while simultaneously maintaining their distinctive sonic foundations.

Over 20 years later, dedicated fans of the group still flock to hear the band’s punchy driving rhythms, punk-rooted guitar licks, and lyrics that evoke the whiskey-drenched sentimentality of Americana singer-songwriters.

Justin Wells

Growing up in the rural South, Wells rebelled against the commercial country music that surrounded him, instead preferring the trippy psychedelia of Pink Floyd and the brash energy of Guns N’ Roses.

With his extraordinary new album, The United State, Wells has managed to transcend politics, race, and religion and tap into something far deeper, something infinitely more primal and timeless.

Photos by Jeffrey Everett of NUVO

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