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Secret Walls: An Unforgettable Large-Scale Live Art Experience

Published on Sep 7th, 2022

Four local artists team up to battle it out in black + white at HI-FI Annex Sunday, September 11th. Get tickets here!

The Secret Walls Universe is taking their show on the road this summer with the Support Your Local Artist Tour. Bringing ‘The Art of Competition’ to HI-FI Annex for the first time ever, this world-famous live art battle will feature up-and-coming local Indy talent, ready to show you what they’ve got and compete for Secret Walls glory.


Artists are divided randomly into two teams. Each is equipped with spray paint, brushes, paint rollers and markers. Nothing is revealed to the artists prior to the start of the competition. The artists will have exactly 90 minutes on the clock to ideate and create their artwork. A decibel meter measuring the audience’s cheers and a select team of judges will determine the battle winners!


On the home team, playing for Indianapolis…

Berk Visual

Instagram @berkvisual


Instagram @iam.cooper


Instagram @artbyfitz

Terrible Tony

Instagram @terribletonyxx


Secret Walls began in 2006 with the mission to ‘SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST,’ seeing massive potential where others saw vandals. 

Since introducing their unparalleled live art battles to the underground scene of Shoreditch, London they have produced over two thousand legendary shows in more than fifty countries, collabed with some of the world’s most iconic brands, and built a global network of creatives.

“Our battles are the creative stage, our artists are the athletes, and our programming is unrivaled.”

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