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Jon Spencer & The HITmakers ‘GETS IT LIT’ with New Album Release

Published on Apr 20th, 2022

Jon Spencer & the HITmakers comes to Indianapolis with Quasi on May 7th at HI-FI Indy. Snag your tickets HERE.

Jon Spencer & the HITmakers released their highly anticipated album Spencer Gets It Lit before hitting the road on tour with indie-pop/rock duo Quasi.

Spencer Gets It Lit is classic Jon Spencer taken to the extremis – electro-boogie, constructivist art pop, a psychedelic swamp of industrial sleaze and futurist elegance. It is an epic master work of freak beat from the world’s weirdest garage. Across brain-boggling layers of fury, fuzz guitar, and a crash-bang battery of phaser blasts, photon torpedoes, and otherworldly zounds, he frantically spits, croons, rhapsodizes, and seduces. Spencer Gets It Lit is his most complex and groovy record in years, a dark, danceable odyssey – both a studied take-down of the early 21st century, and a celebration of the place were electricity meets the mind. Says Spencer, “Send out the Hit Signal! This is the most uncompromising album I’ve ever made!”

Taking over drum duties for the HITmakers on their upcoming spring tour will be superstar of skins Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney, Quasi, Wild Flag, The Jicks, Slang, etc. etc!!! Every show will be opened by a full set from Janet and HITmaker Sam Coomes championship tag-team, Quasi!

Spencer Get It Lit Track List…

  1. Junk Man
  2. Get It Right Now
  3. Death Ray
  4. The Worst Facts
  5. Primary Baby
  6. Worm Town
  7. Bruise
  8. Layabout Trap
  9. Push Comes To Shove
  10. My Hit Parade
  11. Rotting Money
  12. Strike 3
  13. Get Up & Do It
  14. Germ Vs. Jerk*
  15. The Devil’s Ice Age*

*Tracks 14 & 15 are CD only

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