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Photo Recap: SOLD OUT Wilderado & flipturn Indy Show

Published on Mar 7th, 2022

On Thursday, March 3rd, Wilderado played to a sold out HI-FI crowd in Indianapolis with special guests flipturn. All photos by Doug Fellegy.


Formed in the California mountains, but originally hailing from Tulsa, OK, Wilderado have been steadily building a passionate fan base and defining who they are since 2015. They rocked the HI-FI stage to the ground and filled the crowd with energy.


There is nothing held back while flipturn is performing. The chemistry and talent shared between the bandmates allows for a total release of inhibitions, and their songs are written in an artfully understandable way that makes flipturn the storytellers for a generation of people who were never told what to do next.

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