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Remembering Brian Allee & His “Lights” That Will Forever Shine On HI-FI

Published on Jun 21st, 2021

We are deeply saddened at the passing of our friend, Brian Allee.  Many of you knew him personally. Many of you know his wife, Pam and her work with the Harrison Center.  These are incredible people.  What some of you may not know is that Brian Allee was the creator and inspiration behind the lights that hang in HI-FI.  Any band that passes through gets the pleasure of sitting under one of his finest pieces of work, the cymbal chandelier.  Fans continue to marvel at the drum and cymbal lights that hang from our bar, every night we are open. 

We are thankful for the incredible work Brian did with us, and all of the incredible pieces he’s created across the city. While he is no longer with us, we will cherish the light he shines down on this venue forever. His lights were added just as we completed the first HI-FI. When we expanded, Brian came through for us. We kept all of the original lights he created, and Brian outdid himself by making more. When he showed up with the chandelier a couple days before we reopened, we were in awe. His work infused music-inspired light into an otherwise dark venue. In his true spirit of connections, these ideas and visions were brought together through the connections of Brian Presnell. He knew exactly what we needed, and he knew that Brian Allee was the only person to make that vision a reality.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they get through this difficult time.  Send them love and appreciation. This city is a better place because of them.  

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