HI-FI Temporary Safety & Show Policies

Update: Marion County has lifted the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals! Thank you to all of our guests who have continue to support the shows through all of the public health restrictions – we know they can be a drag. Our focus is always on keeping our artists, staff and customers safe — and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.  
  • If you have been vaccinated, you are no longer required to wear a mask at a show. With that said, if you have not been vaccinated you are still required to wear a mask per the Marion County Public Health Order. 
  • This is decision is up to each individual guest. The business is not required to enforce this policy. 
  • As always, bullying of other audience members is not tolerated. Out of respect to our guests who choose to wear a mask, we will remove anyone from the premises (without refunds) for harassing other guests or making rude/political comments.  This is a safe place to watch a show, leave the nonsense at home. 
  • Any individual found to be harassing or arguing with our staff over our safety policies will promptly be removed from the venue.  We have a zero tolerance policy. 

Updated Venue Safety Policies

HI-FI reserves the right to remove any customer for not adhering to these rules. By entering the venue, all customers agree to the liability waiver outlined below and agree that they are entering at their own risk.
HI-FI Restricted Maximum Capacity: 300
HI-FI Annex Full Capacity: 900
Show Questions: boxoffice@hifiindy.com


All attendees are recommended to maintain six feet of social distancing from individuals outside of your group. We acknowledge that there may be times and locations during the show that make this difficult. We ask that you be good citizens, mindful of those around you and take caution when entering high traffic areas such as entrances, exits, hallways, restrooms and service areas.  It is the responsibility the customers to maintain adequate social distancing amongst peer groups.  


HI-FI has installed multiple I-Wave bipolar ionization units to our HVAC system. The ionizers purify the air by neutralizing and removing virus, bacteria, mold and other allergenic particles.You can read about the effectiveness of these units on Covid-19 here.


We continue to expand on our enhanced cleaning procedures. This includes a thorough cleaning of the entire venue, before and after every show. Throughout the show, you will see our team regularly disinfecting high traffic areas including service areas, door handles and restroom facilities.

Virucide Treatment: High contact touchpoints and surfaces are treated with Nu-Foamicde, a CDC approved virucide proven to kill viruses and bacteria (including Covid-19) on contact surfaces. This is a food-safe treatment and is applied with a commercial atomizer spraying system. Safety Data Sheet

In an effort to reduce frequent touchpoints, restroom doors will remain open at all times. Our new point-of-sale system and disposable drink menus will also create a safer experience for our guests.


We’ve installed new TOAST point-of-sale terminals in all of our checkout locations. Consumer-facing screens allow our customers to complete the checkout process more efficiently with their credit card or Apple Pay. This process created fewer touchpoints and reduces the handling of cash and cards across the service area.

Rooam Mobile App: Download the Rooam mobile app for Android or iOS. You can now start a tab from anywhere in the room and expedite your ordering. Additionally, you can now close out your tab without going to the bar. Plexiglass shields have been installed at all register terminals over the main bar. Bar service has been reconfigured to allow social distancing while waiting for service. Additionally, we’ve implemented disposable menus and scannable QR code menus to reduce touch points and expedite the ordering process.


All ticket holders, guests and artists agree to enter at their own risk. This disclaimer is present throughout the ticket purchase process as well as posted in several locations inside the venue.

Your health and safety are our top priority. HI-FI will endeavor to comply with state and local orders while following CDC and Indiana Board of Health guidelines on social distancing, face coverings, and capacity. 

You acknowledge and agree that HI-FI shall not be responsible for any illness to persons of your household, family, social circle or yourself, and any corresponding damage, claim, or expense, of any kind, that you, your family members, your household or social circle may experience or incur in connection with contracting COVID-19 as a result of visiting HI-FI.

What We Are Doing To Keep Artists Safe

Barricade: HI-FI has installed a stage barricade that allows for proper distancing between the artist and the crowd. This is also a preventative measure to ensure patrons do not get on the stage during the show. 

Pre-Show Screening: All performers, stagehands and touring personnel must complete a pre-show screening which includes a temperature check and recommended screening questionnaire.

Face Coverings: All performers, stagehands and touring personnel must wear a face covering throughout the load-in and soundcheck process, except when the artist is on stage.  This requirement also includes post show interactions with the audience including the merchandise area.

Equipment Sanitization: HI-FI changes and sanitizes high touch equipment throughout the show, including set changes, such as microphones, stage towels and microphone stands.

Merchandise: We are working through a couple of trial options. Merchandise will either be available in the pit between the stage and barricade, post show or at our normal location by the front entrance. During the phase of capacity restrictions, we are urging artists to sell their merchandise and interact with fans from behind the barricade. This is for their protection and yours. 

Meet & Greets: Until further notice, HI-FI will not host any pre-post show meet and greets. Once restrictions have been lifted, we will evaluate these opportunities on a show by show basis.

For questions or concerns

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