HI-FI Temporary Safety & Show Policies – Old

We are excited to begin welcoming back live music fans to HI-FI.  We ask that you please remain supportive of our adjusted policies.  As the producers of larger gatherings in more contained spaces, we ask for your support in adhering to our temporary guidelines and show policies.  It’s our collective responsibility to ensure we are doing our part to help Keep Indy Live during the reopening phase. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

As you know, many national tours have rescheduled for later or next year.  You can keep tabs on those HERE.  We’ll keep posting updates as we receive them.  This is the time when we, and our local artists, need you the most.  We hope to see you at a show soon!


While live music, cultural and entertainment event venues are permitted to remain open, we have been forced to step up our mask requirements even further. All patrons and employees are required to wear a face covering at all times except when at a table or sitting in a chair.  This applies to both indoor and outdoor venues. Whether you agree with this or not, it is something we have to do in order to continue to host concerts. As a business, we have no choice but to enforce this.  We know it can be a hassle at times.  Our main focus is doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety and while giving everyone the chance to have some positive music experiences in their lives. We appreciate all of your support in making this process easy. 

  • HI-FI will be limited to a maximum capacity of 200 guests 
  • HI-FI Annex will be limited to maximum capacity of 250 guests
  • A new order, effective on Friday August 14th, further defines the face covering requirement to a full mandate at all times while inside of our venues. The only time in which you are permitted to remove your face covering is when you are sitting at a table, seated in your chair, or momentarily while eating or drinking.
  • When you get up to move around the venue, you must have your face covering on at all times
  • Face masks and face shields are both acceptable forms of face coverings.
  • This new face covering mandate is a new order that has been updated from the original July 9th order which made Face Coverings mandatory in Marion County. The City of Indianapolis is offering free masks to Indianapolis residents.
  • Disposable face coverings will be available for purchase at the box office for $2 for shows going forward.  
  • We will provide updates once we are permitted to relax this restriction.
  • HI-FI reserves the right to remove any patron for not adhering to these rules. 

Liability Waiver & Disclaimer:  All ticket holders, guests and artists agree to enter at their own risk. This disclaimer is present throughout the ticket purchase process as well as posted in several locations inside the venue. 

Your health and safety are our top priority. HI-FI will endeavor to comply with state and local orders while following CDC and Indiana Board of Health guidelines on social distancing, face coverings, and capacity. You acknowledge and agree that HI-FI shall not be responsible for any illness to persons of your household, family, social circle or yourself, and any corresponding damage, claim, or expense, of any kind, that you, your family members, your household or social circle may experience or incur in connection with contracting COVID-19 as a result of visiting HI-FI. 

Social Distancing: All attendees are recommended to maintain six feet of social distancing from individuals outside of your group.  All patrons also acknowledge that there may be times and locations during the show that make this difficult.  We ask that you be good citizens, mindful of those around you and take caution when entering high traffic areas such as entrances, exits, hallways, restrooms and service areas.

Box Office Hours: The Box Office is closed on non-show days.   The box office will open 1 hour before doors on show nights. If you have a question, please reach out to boxoffice@hifiindy.com. The HI-FI Annex Box Office located behind the back parking lot on St. Patrick Street near the church. 

What We Are Doing To Keep Fans Safe

  • Signage: Pay attention to signage as you enter on the exterior of the venue, as well as various points throughout the venue.  Remember, by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you are doing so at your own risk.
  • Face Coverings: All patrons and employees will be required to wear a face covering when entering the venue. Face coverings must remain on  at all times except momentarily while eating or drinking, or sitting at a table.. 
  • Ionizers: We have installed iWave ionizers to our air handling units, which kills virus, bacteria and mold particles and reduces other airborne impurities for improved air purification
  • Cleaning: HI-FI continues to maintain its enhanced cleaning procedures which include a thorough cleaning before and after every show. HI-FI has implemented a new Virucide Spray system that is delivered via commercial atomizer spraying system.  HI-FI treats all high-traffic areas with Nu-Foamicide (recommended by the CDC) to kill Covid-19, before and after shows.  This same process in place for our new outdoor facility as well.  Security staff will be responsible for disinfecting high traffic areas including service areas, door handles, and restroom facilities throughout the show.
  • Reduce and Sanitize High Traffic Touchpoints
    • Restroom doors will stay open at all times
    • Less cash handling through new point-of-sale system
    • Disposable drink menus
  • Plexiglass Shields:  Plexiglass shields have been installed to hang over the main bar and service area.  This not only protects our staff but helps protect our patrons as well.
  • Line Queue & Entrance Procedures: We will provide a defined entrance lane for you to enter the venue.  Please follow the markings on the ground that will help you maintain social distancing as you enter.
  • New Point-of-Sale System: We’ve installed a multi-unit Toast point-of-sale system that will not only speed up transaction time, it will provide more visibility into your checkout process.  Consumer-facing screens allow guests to complete the checkout process more efficiently directly with their credit card or Apple Pay which creates less handling of cash and cards across the service area.
    • Increase order speed and less time at bar and service areas
    • Single line cue for ordering
    • Digital and mobile checkout, customer-facing screens
    • Disposable menus for expedited ordering
  • New Seating Configurations: Check the event listing for information on seating configurations. Shows will have two different options based on the type of show and number of tickets available.  Information will be provided on the event listing for each event.
    • Partially-seated: Classroom-style chair layout on main floor or a combination of tables and chairs with limited GA standing room.
    • General Admission: General Admission, standing room only
  • Employees (See detail below)
    • Employees will take frequent breaks for personal sanitization and hand washing

What We Are Doing To Keep Artists Safe

  • Barricade: HI-FI has installed a stage barricade that allows for proper distancing between the artist and the crowd.  This is also a preventative measure to ensure patrons do not get on the stage during the show. 
  • Merchandise: We are working through a couple of trial options.  Merchandise will either be available in the pit between the stage and barricade, post show or at our normal location by the front entrance.  During the phase of capacity restrictions, we are urging artists to sell their merchandise and interact with fans from behind the barricade.  This is for their protection and yours. 
  • Meet & Greets:  Until further notice, HI-FI will not host any pre-post show meet and greets.  Once restrictions have been lifted, we will evaluate these opportunities on a show by show basis.

What We Are Doing To Keep Our Staff Safe

  • All employees will wearing a face covering that covers the nose and mouth
  • All employees will submit to a pre-shift temperature check.  Employees who feel ill or showing any symptoms of illness will not be allowed to work. 
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed to hang over the main bar and service area. This not only protects our staff but helps protect our service area.