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Thanks For A Great “Season”!

HI-FI Annex features (1) one official regulation-sized Pickleball court. This intimate experience creates the perfect opportunity for experienced players to lock in for a heated match, with no distractions.  The single court also provides a great chance for newcomers to learn the sport without a lot of spectators watching.  All court rentals include up to four paddles and three balls. HI-FI Annex is located behind the HI-FI at 1043 Virginia Ave.  Check-in is available at Virginia Ave. Mercantile & Box Office (M, T) and at Easy Rider Diner (W-S.)

Be on the look out for tournaments and free play days coming soon!  We’ll keep the court open as long a we can, weather permitting. Jump on the mailing list for updates, tournaments and specials.  

Looking for a fun outing for your staff, family or corporate clients?  We offer 2-4 hour private event blocks which include court time, equipment, side games and food & beverage.  Contact Josh Baker at

*Subject to regular updates 
  • Play at your own risk. All players must sign a release of liability waiver.
  • All non-tournament games should be played to 11 points, win by 2.  
  • Balls that enter stage or restricted area stay there.  No players will ever enter the backstage, stage or other restricted venue areas.
  • No outside food for drink (outside of water bottles).  Food and Drink available from Easy Rider Diner and can be consumed on our outdoor patio with clear view of the court. 
  • Severe weather closes the court, which includes lighting strikes within 5 miles as well as high winds.  We’re happy to reschedule free of charge if this affects your play. 
  • Lights for nightly games are controlled by the venue and Pickleball staff.  Do not attempt to turn on the lights.  
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