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June 10, 2019

(SOLD OUT) Hawthorne Heights & Emery – 15 Year Anniversary Tour

(SOLD OUT) Hawthorne Heights & Emery – 15 Year Anniversary Tour
The Day After
Doors: 7:00 pm | Tickets: $25.00
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About Hawthorne Heights

Dayton, OH natives, Hawthorne Heights are back with their first release on Pure Noise Records, BAD FREQUENCIES out now. After 14 years, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS – JT Woodruff (Vocals, Guitar), Mark McMillon (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Matt Ridenour (Bass, Backing Vocals), Chris Popadak (Drums) are still delivering monumental albums and maintaining their DIY mentality, while remaining dedicated to their longtime fans. Both their releases, The Silence in Black and White, and If Only You Were Lonely, received Gold certifications, as well as their single “Saying Sorry”. Says Woodruff: “It’s easy to stay inspired if you keep a level head. To last a decade you have to have strong fan support, strong relationships, and the ability to improvise. We have found that maintaining your core values will take you wherever you want to go in life.”

The forthcoming album, BAD FREQUENCIES was produced by the band and Nick Ingram (Hotel Books, Capital House Studio) , and mixed by Cameron Webb (Grammy Winner, Motorhead, NOFX, Social Distortion, Pennywise). The first single, “Pink Hearts” is about “burning through relationships, because you are selfishly just having fun when you are young,” says Woodruff. “Eventually you have to wake up and grow up, and hope that you haven’t cut someone too deep.”

With the release of BAD FREQUENCES, Hawthorne Heights hope to continue connecting with their unwavering fan base, and share music they’re truly proud of with a wider audience. Says Woodruff: “We’ve always tried to be a shining light for our fans. Some of them look to us as a sign of hope, and we appreciate that. We try to write songs from bad experiences in our lives, in a way that they can relate to their bad experiences. Hawthorne Heights has always taken a “We’re All In This Together” approach, and we still stand by that.”

About Emery

DIY has never been more embodied than by one of the hardest working acts in the industry, Emery. Choosing to go their own way after a fruitful and longstanding relationship with Tooth & Nail Records, vocalist Toby Morrell and guitarist Matt Carter embarked on their own dream, forming BadChristian. BadChristian is a media entity now acting as record label, blog, and podcast. Through their new and blossoming self-made home, Emery released 2015’s You Were Never Alone, receiving massive praise from longtime fans and critics alike. In a very popular move, the four piece recruited former bassist Devin Shelton to rejoin for the release, injecting the record with styles that haven’t been present in any Emery record since Shelton’s departure. YWNA charted number 1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums and number 69 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. The band’s sixth full-length album went on to sell more units in it’s first week than any of their previous label-released albums. For their first self-released product, Emery utilized their loyal fan base along with a whole new wave of Emery supporters who have sprung up from the popularity of The BadChristian podcast, to crowd fund the record and produce ten music videos for YWNA. In addition to their traditional club tours, Emery has further embraced the DIY ethos by gracing living rooms, coffee shops and parking lots to bring You Were Never Alone to fans across America. This new year promises to bring more surprises from the four piece, including side projects and more fan interactive content.
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Hawthorne Heights & Emery at HI-FI 2019

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Monday, Jun 10, 2019 | 7:00 pm
Tickets: $25.00
Presented By: Sun King Brewery, MOKB Presents,